Check Out Ray Becks's Beginners Guide to Choosing a Guitar!

February 25, 2018 - 966 views

Written By Lexi

Any musician knows the importance of choosing the right could be the best guitarist in the world, with more skill than Slash, Joe Satriani and Mark Knopfler combined; but with a poor quality instrument no one will ever know how amazing you are!

"So where do I begin?" I hear you ask, imagining a plethora of Gibsons and Fenders in front of you...I'm no guitarist, those are the only brands I know!  Well, I've discovered something that has all the answers you need, a comprehensive guide like no other...and I feel it's only fair to share it with our legion of Meyhemers!

In the words of JayRock..."Check.This.Out."...

"How to Choose the Best Guitar, 15 Factors to Consider According to Science"

Original article by Ray Beck, published on

Here Ray Beck will take you through everything you need to know, answering all the questions you never knew you had!  It's jam packed with lots of very interesting sciency stuff which helps explain how you plucking a few strings makes you sound just like Chris Shiflett (the closest I get is guitar hero!!)

"The guitar as a crafted instrument relies heavily on science for its construction as well as the sound it produces. The measurements and fine-tuning that go into making a guitar are extremely precise.  An understanding of the science behind the guitar is, therefore, an invaluable tool to measure quality, and therefore, determine what is the best guitar."

The guide takes you through the different types of wood on offer for acoustic guitars, and the make-up of electric guitars.  

"Choosing the right type of tone-wood is an important scientific measure of the best and worst guitars. This is, however, hindered by the availability of certain tone-woods which has a direct impact on the price of a guitar. The rarer, more endangered, the wood, the more costly the instrument. It is best to rely on the specific qualities of tone-woods to determine which most suits your needs."

"By components, we refer to the knobs, switches and selectors that control each pickup. They allow the player to adjust the tone and volume, to switch to or deaden a certain pickup to create a specific sound."

This article is certainly a massive eye-opener for me and it just goes to show there is so much more to a guitar than aesthetics and whether it's acoustic or electric.  This is such a well researched and thought out article that I could never do it justice, so I think it's best to point you in the direction of the full article...check it out here:

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