BMG's Bar 42 Event with Tales Of Autumn, Skandal, Aren Drift and Kicking Graves.

December 17, 2017 - 1764 views

Friday December 8th 2017, we were in attendance at Brighton Metal Gig's event at Bar 42 in Worthing.


The bill featured four great up and coming bands, three of which are local South Coast bands, two of which we have spoken to before.


 Kicking Graves



 First up opening the show, where a young band going by the name of Kicking Graves (Not Robbing Graves JayRock!!)

This trio who are still looking for a bass player have an infectious hunger about them that makes you step back and think "These kids want this" Finding inspiration from the bottom of the ocean..really?...No, actually through TV shows like Robot Wars, I think if they work hard/ play hard these guys will grow, and will start to become a name on the local scene.



Aren Drift 



Next up we had Aren Drift, Describing themselves as a prog rock band with heavy, melodic riffs mixed with international influences.

The band definitely were at ease performing tonight, Their set was hauntingly beautiful with their technical style of music, passion flowing through the vocals and the beats really drawing the crowd in to move with them.

The guys truly gave an epic show and definitely a band I recommend seeing as you will be completely rocked out with their powerful, seductive lyrics, deep dark sound and chunky riffs.




What can I say about this trio of Hard Rockers going by the name of Skandal? Nothing but old fashioned "Kick Ass Rock 'n' Roll", but I would stand corrected...what these guys have done, is created a sound for themselves and have penned it "Doom 'n' Roll"

From the moment they started, husky vocals, and driving riffs, they owned not only the stage, but the rest of Bar 42. Currently on a UK tour right now these guys have been playing a few dates with "Tales of Autumn", and as different as they are they contrast together, like the two sides of a coin.

Slightly provocative lyrics intended to get your mind thinking and your body moving, these guys have put in the sacrifices to put on a show that rocks....I felt a moshpit a brewing.

If Skandal are playing nearby to you, I have one piece of advice. GO AND SEE THEM!! Buy their CD, buy their shirt and share them with all your friends.



Tales of Autumn



 Lastly the headline act of the evening, Tales Of Autumn.

And wow! what a set! considering the guys were minus a bassist for the evening due to illness, they gave an amazing performance.

Their sound filled with soulful lyrics, heavy riffs and some slow whiney stuff thrown in as well absolutely got the crowds attention, I don't think there was room to move on the floor at one point!

The band are still as passionate and energetic as ever and it really gives their unique, melodic songs a different kind of edge to them, songs with themes about the darker subjects of life that no one wants to talk about.

The band still have a couple of gigs left to play this year, so if you can catch it! you will not be disappointed!! I cannot wait for their album to come out.



So when the night was over , we were all chilling out having a few drinks with friends and the bands, and just enjoying the atmosphere of a great gig, with great people and fantastic hosts.

Thanks to Brighton Metal Gigs and Bar 42 for allowing us to be a part of this rocktastic evening.

Thanks to all the bands for their epic performances.

Keep on rockin' 

Jayrock and Squirrel x

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