The Rezillos - Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth - 16.09.18

August 16, 2018 - 524 views
On September 16, 2018
19:30 - 23:00
The Wedgewood Rooms
147b Albert Road
PO4 0JW, Southsea

'Can't Stand The Rezillos' 40th Anniversary Tour
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Doors 7:30pm
Support TBA

The Rezillos smashed into the rock scene through a shared love of Sixties Garage Rock and the Spector-esque Girl Group glam of The Ronettes and the Shangri Las. The Rezillos found themselves inadvertently caught up in the Punk or New Wave movement, if only because they didn't proscribe to fifteen minute slabs of tedious progressive rock, shunning it in favour of three minute sparkling pop gems which would eventually be fully realised in their inimitable sound and vision. Their debt single, I Can’t Stand my baby shot them to underground fame initially via airings on John Peel’s radio show. Their classic singles My Baby Does Good Sculptures, Top of the Pops and Destination Venus signalled critically acclaimed milestones for the band. 

Their landmark album Can't Stand the Rezillos reached the top 10 in the UK album chart. They appeared twice on the legendary Old Grey Whistle Test and hit the Top Twenty with their hit single “Top of the Pops”, a satirical swipe at the UK pop music programme of the same name. Once the band had achieved chart success it was inevitable that they should appear on the same show! They followed up that same year with a live recording, Mission Accomplished... But the Beat Goes On, and promptly broke up to the anguish of fans and music critics alike. 
In recent years their music has appeared on various "History of New Wave" compilations with the band enjoying a growing status on US underground and college radio stations and rock fanzines. Interest has continued to expand, seeing a CD re-release of their material in 1993 and the subsequent Web buzz via the internet, etc. Bringing it to a head, they reformed on new year’s Eve 2002 with a spur-of-the moment gig in Edinburgh, Scotland playing to 150,000 hogmanay revellers gathered in the capital city. The writing was on the wall, it was time to get the band together again, tour the world and set to work on the creation of a new album. Following rave reviews, the reformed group embarked upon a twelve-date tour of the US. Strangely enough, although signed to an American label, and having recorded their debut in New York City, the band had previously played only one gig in the USA in 1978, at the infamous CBGB’s. 
They played exceptional sell-out shows in the USA and won over a new generation of fans. Their UK shows, again including the sell-out Astoria 2 show in London, have re-established them as one of the most exciting bands currently on display, with a verve and energy that puts many younger bands to shame.

The long-awaited cult-movie, Jackass: The Movie was finally released in the UK. having grossed $66 million in the US. The Rezillos classic foot-stomper Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight featured on the soundtrack. 
Having made it into the 21st century that they sang about so often in the 20th it’s fitting that their rebirth should warp them into the present still finding themselves firmly in step both musically and conceptually. 

Their music has stayed edgy, having remained in its own league from the very beginning. Certainly, like all punk rock it's sometimes creatively derivative (er, like all rock and roll...), thus, while a lot of good bands can sound like everyone else, the really great bands are what everyone's sounding like and yet whose sound simply cannot be repeated. 
Musically, The Rezillos are truly influential to the so-called neo-punk scene as some of the best musicians that recorded and performed during that era. Their music is, upon inspection, "poppy," but at the same time quintessentially loud, fast rock and roll that eschews the mainstream. It's upbeat, while at the same time showing a dark side to their songs ("Cold Wars" could be a theme from a yet-to-be unearthed John Le Carre novel-turned-film circa 1967, and "I Can't Stand My Baby" is an anti-love song about breaking up because one can’t stand the other.

They prefer a planet where growing up doesn't happen until after you’re dead and the world runs on high-octane, guitar-driven, anti-mope rock with the wildest hook lines. 

Having released several new singles in their 21st Century guise, 2015 saw the long-awaited release of a new studio album, “Zero” to rave reviews. And 2018 sees the 40th anniversary of the release of their debut album with the band touring alongside a re-released and remastered double CD package that also combines with their ”Mission Accomplished” live album and a host of their early recordings and full original singles. This double CD set is entitled “Flying Saucer Attack”

This year the Rezillos play several major festivals both in Europe and further afield. At the end of July they will appear at the 77 festival in Montreal, Canada. 

The band will be touring a select set of dates in the UK in September and October.

Their aim? To 'Rock their market share of the Planet'. 

The Rezillos - unique from the Get-Go!