Sweet Jonny, Emergency Bitter, Skurvi: The Birds Nest

November 07, 2018 - 261 views
On November 17, 2018
19:00 - 23:00
The Birds Nest
32 Deptford Church Street,
SE84, London

Sweet Jonny, Emergency Bitter, Skurvi: The Birds Nest

We're back for the annual Sweet Skurvi Bitter gig and at everyone's favourite South London venue The Birds Nest.

Emergency Bitter:
Emergency Bitter are a mild, unassuming bunch who got together for the love of drinking, punk rock and having a good night out. The South West London five piece have charmed and entertained punters for the last five years with their brand of old school punk supporting UK Subs, Sham 69, Teenage Bottle Rocket and Scabies/James along the way.

Skurvi came together through a love of cheap booze, cheap laughs and punk rock. With old-school style and swagger, (Cock Sparrer, Peter and the Test Tube Babies) Skurvi deliver anthemic punk rock with power, passion and piss ups.

Sweet Jonny:
""Low down and dirty punk rock'n'roller gorehounds... they do it well and don’t give a monkeys, a shit or indeed a fuck."
A gutter garage rock band from a do-nothing town. Your new nightmare neighbours. 

Free entry and good(ish) times to be had.