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So on a Tuesday night I find myself back at my new spiritual home, The Wedgewood Rooms…well, Ok, at The Edge, but we aren’t really going to split hairs now are we? So having already seen 4 great bands here just a couple of weeks ago, Morass of Molasses, Victus, Ritual and Stone Soup, then […]

So the first Sunday evening of August, a warm evening, but the weather couldn’t make up it’s mind. So what to do, stay in and flick through the TV and get bogged down with radio work, orrrrr….go to The Edge of the Wedge to this month’s The Swarming and watch some kickass bands give it […]

  Augmented August, LARS Promotions event night featuring TERRABORN with VICTUS and JOKERS PARADE   Well here we are, another very warm Friday night with the LARS Promotions crew and Metal Meyhem Radio team ready to bring us another 3 amazing bands to the stage. The venue is buzzing with early summer vibes and I […]

Mid July on a hot and sweaty Saturday night, the last place you want to be, is locked inside a small shop with 100 or so other people with no windows…. But..that’s exactly what myself and the other 99 people did and what a night we had! The one and ONLY time EVER Steamachine would […]

Lars Promotions event featuring Killatrix with Reawaken and Cyanide Sundae We’re back!, It’s Friday night and it’s gonna be a real hot one in The Crown in Littlehampton with the LARS Promotions event, The Rock Riot. This month the guys have a killer line up for us music fans, I’m literally itching to get the […]

Mid July in Brighton, and The Alchemy hit up a small venue tucked away in Manchester St, The Latest Music Bar. For anyone who’s never been there, on the main floor is a reasonable sized stage, but we were all downstairs in the basement as what must be the main music stage area…and the setup […]

Portsmouth & Southsea’s Premier music venue The Edge of the Wedge sets the scene for the monthly event known as The Swarming   Starting around 5 months ago to help kick start the Rock & Metal scene in the Portsmouth area, the event showcases 3 to 4 local bands. Having already had some varied nights, […]

I think I’m suffering from Heavy Metal Poisoning A Metal fans account of Telluriums Album Launch party. So, Picture this….. A small high street pub, wide enough to fit around 8 people standing side by side comfortably to watch the bands perform at the front of the establishment….. The rear of the house is packed […]

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