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Freakhouse is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California consisting of lead vocalist and bassist Rob Escher, guitarist Matt Clark, and drummer Scott Freak. The group's latest release, Angels in Chemistry, will be released August 12, 2016, through 7Hard/Membran. 

When the band set out to create the new album they wanted to make it their most focused and intense release to date. They decided not to use an outside producer and write and record as a three piece. "The core of this band has always been Matt, Scott and myself", says Rob Escher. "Everyone in this band plays several instruments, so the transition has been smooth. The creative process is a straighter path now and we are firing on all cylinders."

Matt Clark adds, "The three of us have been through a lot together to say the least and we are like brothers. It's really cool because we trust each other's musical instincts and have our own way of communicating ideas that we've developed over time. I've co-produced our records in the past with outside producers but for this one we decided I should take on that role myself. It turned out to be a great experience. We locked ourselves in my studio here in L.A. and didn't come out until we had the strongest Freakhouse record thus far."

Scott Freak has been a collector of oddities for years and this played into the artwork and photography for Angels in Chemistry. "I love the creepy, weird, and unique objects. They fascinate me and are perfect for this band's imagery. We really wanted this record to be a reflection of who we are as people and what our tastes are. We are not a band for everyone. Love us or hate us, there's no in between."

"The world has been a crazy place lately and more than ever, people need a release from their everyday stress," says Rob Escher. "Rock shows are one of the few places left where you can let out all your frustrations and no one blinks an eye. We can't wait to take this new show on the road and help everybody forget their problems for a while."

Matt says, "The writing process for this record was really cool. With Scott on the drums we were able to write much quicker than we have in the past. We jammed on ideas for a night and then came back the next day, picked out the best parts and wrote songs around them. Some of my favorite songs come about when we are all sitting in a room throwing lyrical ideas back and forth and building out demos. The verse melody and lyrics in 'Outlaws, Outcasts, and Thieves' was something Rob just sang off the cuff for example.

That is one of my favorite songs for sure. It's definitely not quite like anything we have ever done, but it fits us perfectly."

Scott adds, "'Tokyo After Midnight' is a song that was built around Matt's opening guitar riff. Rob and I had heard that on a demo he showed us and we loved it. For decades there was a curfew in Tokyo for the youth. They couldn't be on the street or in clubs after midnight. This curfew was lifted a few years ago and we were amazed when we heard about it. We couldn't imagine being told to go home from the Rainbow or wherever at midnight. We thought this would be a great idea for a song. It's the first track on the record and really hits you over the head."

Rob says, "One of the coolest things about being in this band is getting to see the fans' reaction when we bring these songs to the stage. For us, the human connection is the most important aspect of all of this. We don't take that for granted. It's always a great feeling to complete a new record and get to take it on the road."

Rob Escher - Vocals, Bass
Matt Clark - Guitar
Scott Freak - Drums

Top Tracks

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Liars, Inc.

Love Hates Me 2

Love Hates Me

Beautiful Misery 3

Beautiful Misery

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Dead On the Inside 5

Dead On the Inside

Living the Lie 6

Living the Lie

Cold 7


Peel Away the Skin 8

Peel Away the Skin

My Brain Is Bigger Than Yours (Lazy Rich Remix) 9

My Brain Is Bigger Than Yours (Lazy Rich Remix)

Cleansing 10


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