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Dumb Hole is Leonardo Guzman and Magnus Almqvist, at first glance, an odd couple with very diferent backgrounds, but at a closer look the perfect combination, a dynamic duo that challenges and supplements one another. Leo Guzman (singer and guitarist) was born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina. After a music career in his home country, the technically inclined Guzman took a role as a producer for a Spanish band in Madrid whereupon he continued looking upwards in Europe, where he eventually found our elongated country Sweden. Shortly after arriving in Sweden in 2009, Guzman started the power rock duo NOFORKS, which - after a few years of frequent gigging around Sweden and success in various music competitions - took home the 1st prize in Manifest on Tour in 2011. 

This led to a record deal with Playground Music, which in turn brought the band together with producer Per Aldenheim (Nick Carter, Def Leppard, Lambretta amongst others). Aldenheim produced the band's first two singles, which were released on the Playground label. After the release of their second single, the band decided to go their separate way from the record company to be able to live out what over time developed into a new, much harder and tougher sound. It was in 2012, when Guzman suddenly found himself without a drummer that Magnus Almqvist stepped into the picture and the puzzle pieces fell into place. The soundscape became bigger, wilder and with Almqvist's help the band reached a whole new level. With the right amplifiers, microphones, and efect pedals, technological prodigy Guzman can make one guitar sound like ten. 
While Almqvist makes the drums explode with his creative drumming on a well-chosen kit that with it´s larger toms and deeper kick easily compensates for the lack of a bassplayer. Drummer Magnus Almqvist began his climb on the musical career ladder through Latin American music. With his experience as frequently hired session musician behind both national and international top artists/bands, trained at Cuba's prestigious Centro Nacional Superior de Escuelas de Arte and with a wide open musical mind, he possesses the ability to think outside the genres and incorporate influences from very diverse quarters. 
Guzman describes Dumb Hole’s music as "Power Soul Rock". The connection to Latin American culture is an essential building block and a common denominator, with an open mind, burning passion and an absence of restrictions. "Magnus understands me in a way that others don’t.

I describe how something should sound, he can take it and add influences I never imagined," says Guzman. Like the physical phenomenon, the sonorous black hole (Sonic Black Hole or Dumb Hole as it is called), that place where time stops, where light and sound can no longer travel and instead become something that man can only guess at - Dumb Hole also creates musical wonder. The limits of what a duo can achieve will never be the same again! 

?With Guzman’s strong love for some of rock history's greatest icons such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Police, Queen and modern greats such as Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse and Foo Fighters and others, Dumb Hole is also making rock history with epic creations. With melodies that take you on a journey through epic expanses, throw you down the high mountains and ride you through the stormy seas; with lyrics that paint the range of all our emotions such as fear, longing, love, sorrow and injustice; with Magnus Almqvist’ influences and knowledge from completely diferent compass points, genres such as jazz, fusion, world music and metal – it all comes together in original arrangements with an irresistible groove and a creative and innovative performance. Live the duo really comes into their own in their explosive stage shows. It is not just about performing a song, it'about feelings. Joy, sorrow, anger and euphoria overwhelm the audience. It is a powerful and unpredictable mix that stimulates the senses and gets your pulse racing - it's rock music for both heart and mind. "We have no limitations, our goal is to become the greatest!" Laughs Leo. "But the key is that our music will be our own, creating hits is not a conscious efort, we’re just happy that people like what we do."