Black Trinity


Black Trinity was formed from the remnants of Cleveland, Ohio’s Black/Death Metal band Noktuary in 1996. Black Trinity then consisted of Surt on drums and vocals, and Hymir on guitars and bass. Our focus at that time was to continue the USBM genre by virtue of keeping that old school Black Metal style and feel. A couple songs were recorded but not officially released. After a few setbacks, as well as Surt quitting Viking band Myth both Hymir and Surt decided it was time to go full time with Black Trinity at the end of 2000.

In July of 2001, Shadowthorn ex Myth guitarist along with Shoud ex Myth bassist joined BT. Former Noktuary vocalist Hellfrost joined to fulfill vocals. Unfortunately, Shoud left the band, but was quickly replaced by Arawn on bass, thus giving the band a full lineup. In 2002 the band recorded a self-titled three song demo at Underground Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. Later that same year they returned to that same studio to record their 2nd demo titled, “Devil Worship.”  The “Devil Worship,” demo landed Black Trinity a deal for their debut album with Satanic Perversion Records out of New York, however it was never officially released due to the label’s inability to release said album in the allotted timeframe, and thus voiding the contract. Soon after the label shut down giving back the rights of the material to Black Trinity.

Hellfrost departed Black Trinity after a year to pursue other musical endeavors. Khaine was soon added to the lineup as the new vocalist. however, Shadowthorn was released from guitars. Black Trinity continued as a four-piece and during that time they went back to Underground Studios to record their third demo entitled, “Of Darkness Divine.” This was met with a great response from the metal community and it left fans wanting more. In response, the band entered Track Six Studios in Cleveland late 2003, to record their debut album, “Demonic Pleasures.” Ten devastating tracks that not only stood out on their own, but also complimented the Black Metal genre. With the Satanic Perversion record deal voided, Surt created an independent label named, “Apocalyptic Records,” in order to release this tremendous debut. The recording process was completed quickly, and not long afterwards former Noktuary bassist, Ibex, joined as second guitarist in January 2004, thus giving Black Trinity a full lineup once more.

After much waiting the Demonic Pleasures CD was released in January of 2005.

The band received high accolades as well as great reviews from established print publications such as Metal Maniacs and Terrorizer. As well numerous online sources gave praise and great reviews of the album. In mid-2005 the band re-released their 3rd demo titled “Of Darkness Divine “with better sound quality and completely new artwork”.

Not long after the release of Demonic Pleasures, Black Trinity enters Track Six Studios again to record an advance EP titled “Beyond The Ethereal Gates”. This EP would include 4 new tracks and a cover version of Dark Thrones Under a Funeral Moon. This would be Khaine’s last recorded material before he departs Black Trinity in June 2005 to pursue a continued education. He is then replaced by Hatred on vocals in September 2005. Sadly, not long after Arawn parts the band in July 2005 as well.



Fortunately, this is filled quickly – in fact within a week – by our new bassist Mordhel, a longtime friend of the band. After about six months of shows, Hatred leaves the band due to family obligations in May 2006.With Hatred out the search for a new vocalist was on.

For a brief month in September of 06 we had Goetic Lord Balaam as Session vocalist.With Goetic Lord Balaam gone and gigs already booked we contacted Khaine to come back in January of 07 to play these booked shows.

Still needing a permanent member Black Trinity asked longtime friend and drum tech Porphyry Ov Tyre to be the new session vocalist. It wouldn’t be until June of 07 that he joined on as a permanent member. With a complete lineup, and success with previous recordings, Black Trinity finally releases the “Beyond the Ethereal Gates” Advanced EP.

In June of 2007 the band once again entered Track Six Studios to record six new songs to be added to the recording of “Beyond the Ethereal Gates EP” With the release of the EP Black Trinity lands a deal with Sol Invictus Records. This time combining the EP with 5 new songs to make a second album titled “Bleed For Him,”. This next album shows the band maturing their sound, adding a melodic flair to their already devastating sound.

 Around November 2007 Sol Invictus Records decides not to release the 2nd album “Bleed for Him” thus creating animosity between band members. As a result, the band started to deteriorate. Ultimately ending up with Black Trinity being put On Hold in 2008.

It would take 10 years for the 2nd Black Trinity album “Bleed For Him” to see light of day. Surt being the sole member of Black Trinity, wanted the fans and metal community to hear what we have created so, January 12th 2018 is the official release date of this album. This album is only released digitally as of now but more formats may be released.

Black Trinity continues to be a driving force in the US Black Metal genre and are always progressing musically and professionally. Yet still they have not forgotten their roots. Receiving praise and a rapidly growing fanbase, there is a demand for more material, including the new album. Black Trinity has no intentions of slowing down, always looking forward and playing the most extreme type of music. The band is looking to expand their vision evermore and get their music to the world without compromising what Black Metal is all about.

Black Trinity has played shows under headliners such as, Overkill, Exodus, Black Dahlia Murder, Moonspell, Nile, Dark Funeral, Forest Of Impaled, Hell – Born, Watain, Sathanas, Darkmoon, Demise, and Chthonic. They have been a part of the James Murphy benefit show, in addition to their own countless headlining shows. To add they have also played many metal festivals such as, Music Macabre IV, Dwell In Darkness II, Bloodfest II, The Ohio Death Fest (twice), Michigan Death Fest and the International Death Fest. As well the band have been consistently played on many underground radio stations, (local college and abroad). They were also nominated for “Best Band in Corpse Paint for 2005,” in Cleveland, Ohio by numerous fans and the Scene Magazine.:

Top Tracks

Throne of dark 1

Throne of dark

Hate is fertile 2

Hate is fertile

Total havoc 3

Total havoc

Revenge 4


Everlasting chaos 5

Everlasting chaos

Beyond death 6

Beyond death

a bleak existence 7

a bleak existence

Martyr Complex 8

Martyr Complex

Triumph In Blasphemy 9

Triumph In Blasphemy

Ebony Ablaze Thy Beloved Night Sky 10

Ebony Ablaze Thy Beloved Night Sky

Top Albums

In this black thrashing night of infernal hell
In this black thrashing night of infernal hell
Dark Punk Arise
Dark Punk Arise
Black Trinity/Cancer Spreading
Black Trinity/Cancer Spreading