As Night Falls


It all began in the summer of 2010 when two musicians who had already known one another from their previous musical projects – vocalist Anna Achtelik and guitarist Pawe? Dylewski, decided to create the project of their dreams – a symphonic metal band that would follow in the footsteps of the greatest bands of the genre, but still remaining original and searching for its own style.

To make this dream come true, two things needed to be done – finding a place for rehersals and filling up the missing spots in the band. The first matter was solved very quickly. As for the band members, ?ukasz Hat?as joined as a bassist, Darek Markiewicz was asked to take the drummer's seat (with these two musicans Anna had played in a previous bands). 


?After a few auditions the keyboardist's spot was taken by ?ukasz Siwy. Each of the musicians contributed their own style and experience, but still the band shared a common vision of musical style and evolution.
?The first months will be remembered by the band members as an enthusiastic musical exploration and joy coming from coming along both musically and on a personal level. A common idea of what the band should sound like in the future made the creation process easy and natural and in a spirit of mutual understanding.

The band's name was thought up by Darek and approved by the rest of the band and so As Night Falls began to evolve. From the very beginning the goal was to create original music for a wider (not necessarily metal) audience. Beeing inspired by the great bands of the genre never stood in opposition to originality, because in the band members' opinion there is still much to explore.

The first songs were created very quickly and the first shows weer played at the beginning of 2012. The audiences' very positive reception confirmed that the direction was right. The first record was released later that year – an EP called My Secret Place, containing four songs, and the first music video for a song called My Memory. In the meantime new material was being composed and the band attended multiple shows and festivals. In 2014 As Night Falls released their second EP entitled From Grace To Oblivion.

ANF has played a lot of concerts, it has participated in nationwide Aria Night festiwal, Niech cisza milczy, Rockarolla aRT festival in Wroclaw and Silesian Crossroads of Rock, they where in final of Mayday Rock Festival 2014.

ANF supported famous bands: Tarja Turunen (ex Nightwish), Liv Kristine (Leaves Eye), Proletaryat, Artrosis, Antimatter (Duncan Patterson- ex bass player from Anathema), Welicoruss and has also shared a stage with many great bands including Night Mistress, Alcoholica, The Bill, Horrorscope, Mayhayron, Nonamen, Good Girl Maggie, Hajva, Dirty Brick, Spatial, Hegeroth, Heretique, Sixpounder and many others

Top Tracks

If Stained Glass Only Knew 1

If Stained Glass Only Knew

Philosophy of Time Travel 2

Philosophy of Time Travel

False Sense of You 3

False Sense of You

Beauty Bleeds 4

Beauty Bleeds

Succumb To Violence (Here It Comes) 5

Succumb To Violence (Here It Comes)

Succumb To Violence 6

Succumb To Violence

My Memory 7

My Memory

My Secret Place 8

My Secret Place

Succumb to Violence (Here it C 9

Succumb to Violence (Here it C

Eternal Dance 10

Eternal Dance

Top Albums

The End of All Innocence
The End of All Innocence
Embrace the Journey
Embrace the Journey
My Secret Place
My Secret Place