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1) AGGRESSION thrash-metal band from Barcelona since 2005.

2) AGGRESSION was formed in spring of ’85 (under the moniker Asylum) by Sasquatch and Burn. The band was introduced to Johnny Hart (Metal K.O. Prods.), who saw potential in the 5 metalheads and agreed to manage the band. The first move he made was changing the band’s name to Aggression (wich pissed off Sasquatch at the time, he wanted to rename it Antichrist) and pushed the band to record their 1st demo in Sept. ’85. They received fantastic reviews for this demo tape, and very quickly became one of the most popular metal band in Quebec and Canada.

Playing numerous concerts with bands such as Anvil, Celtic Frost, Voivod, Nuclear Assault, Agnostic Front, D.R.I., Possessed, Dark Angel, Crumbsuckers, Sacrifice…Aggression was what you called a live band. A killer live band, spectacular musically and visually. Fans and promoters could always expect the unexpected from the band who played with such an intensity that concerts often degenerated into a huge mess with total loss of band and crowd control! Aggression signed their first record deal with an American company (Facemelt records), which only existed for a short period of time. They entered the studio sometime in 1986 and recorded their 1st album, « Forgotten Skeleton ». Unfortunately, after months of waiting and pushed deadlines, Facemelt went bankrupt. Those recordings only re-surfaced around 1992 on very limited tape cassette made by New World Symphony Records, and more than 10 years passed before being released on CD format in 2004

Early ’88, Botcher got fired, then a few weeks later the band split ways with Johnny Hart Metal K.O. and also fired lead guitarist Burn. Aggression then entered Victor studios armed with a new record deal from Banzaï records and their new vocalist Cactus Pete (Aggression’s soundman). Some tracks from the Forgotten Skeleton album were completely recorded, along with some new songs. The album, titled « The Full Treatment » was released after what seemed to be an eternity in late ’87 with no publicity, promotion or touring since the band was declared dead at the time….

The material recorded by the band has been quite hard to find in the 90’s. Up to the early 2000’s, Sasquatch was hesitant to re-release the old recordings because the name of the band was legal property of Hart and Metal K.

O. He did not want this to end in court and having to pay high fines, so the tracks remained buried. Some bootlegs of The Full Treatment have been seen around, but the Forgotten Skeleton album was merely impossible to find because the recordings were never decently published at all. In 2003, Great White North Records (from Montreal also, now officially shut down) and Sasquatch talked about releasing the 1986 recordings, but under a slightly different moniker to avoid copyright violation charges.

So in 2004, GWN Records got the rights to finally release "Forgotten Skeleton", under the name "Aggression A.D." to avoid contractual problems or lawsuits. But since this release was done mainly for fans from Quebec and Canada, the publicity around it focused mostly on local magazines, and relied almost only on word of mouth outside this territory. The lack of publicity outside Canada caused a lot of confusion internationally, the old fans not making the connection to the Canadian Speed / Thrash band because of the « A.D. » suffix and logo change. Later on, Sasquatch and J. Hart finally solved all misunderstandings concerning the band, so the original band name was to be used on the future re-releases to avoid any additional confusion.

The band re-united in 2005, playing a few shows like the infamous Montreal Massacre which saw the greatest assembly of Canadian acts in long time: Razor, Pile Driver, D.B.C.(Dead Brain Cells), Exciter, and Anvil. Unfortunately, the original band members had many other occupations going on since the band's break-up some 16 years before, so many could not spend needed time to create/record new material. It was decided that the band would be put to rest once more, but still making the old material available to new generations of headbangers. The farewell shows have taken place on Sept. 22-23, 2006, in Montreal and Quebec City. All the Aggression re-editions are now officially handled by Morbid Moon Records.

3) Agression was an American Punk band from Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard, California, and considered one of the most influential founding bands of the Nardcore sound within the hardcore punk scene, and after JFA (Jodie Foster's Army) and the Big Boys are an early proponent of the "skate punk" genre, that fused the skate culture with the punk scene- featuring a song about skateboarding (Intense Energy), and the Glen Friedman photo of Arthur Lake skating a pool as album art on the cover of their first and most popular album, "Don't be Mistaken". Agression was very well known for its fast-paced, aggressive songs such as "Slammin' at the Club", "Money Machine", "Intense Energy", "Never Alone", "Go to War", and "Locals Only".


Top Tracks

Thrash and Kill 1

Thrash and Kill

New Born War 2

New Born War

Chaos Anatomy 3

Chaos Anatomy

Better You Run 4

Better You Run

Thrashing your Brain 5

Thrashing your Brain

Moshpirit 6


Forsaken Survival 7

Forsaken Survival

I Hate You 8

I Hate You

Psycho-Crime 9


Frozen Aggressor 10

Frozen Aggressor

Top Albums

The Full Treatment
The Full Treatment
From Behind the Iron Curtain
From Behind the Iron Curtain