7 Days Away

Genre alternative rock, hard rock, alternative metal, modern rock, alternative

Based in Connersville, IN, 7 Days Away is a hard rock metal band with a altered accent that is considered a masterpiece. Forming in 2006, 7 Days Away recorded their first album "Better Days" produced by Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada,Rise Records). After the album released, the band toured for months and gain a strong underground fan base.

January 2007, 7 Days Away entered the studio to record their 2nd album "Death Cannot Separate". Produced by Joey Sturgis. Expressing every emotion and intensity to each individual, they wanted to take their passion to the next level. By taking every reflex they had, and making it into music to touch their fans in a positive but yet emotional way. "Death Cannot Separate" says the band, as we always lose the ones we love but, they will never be forgotten. The album was released in early 2007. The album was sold nationwide in the US, Canada, Austraila and Japan.

7 Days Away emerged from a music scene of hard rock/metal/hardcore/punk bands. But they always gained respect from all genres. In mid 2007, 7 Days Away revealed their hit song off the album Death Cannot Separate called "Released". The track was played on a few national radio stations. "Released" had the calm but yet energetic sound to it that could pull the adrenaline out of you. Every song on the album had its own distinctive way of expressing itself. While "Released" brings the energy, "Final Cry" brings the emotion. While "My Time" brings the passion, "Silence Is Cold" brings the aggression and metal breakdowns. The album is very expandable for their audiences ears.The album is lyrically absolute, as it is musically.

Over the past couple years, the band has toured all around the tri-state areas and have opened up for national touring bands with alot of experience under their belt. The band has had a few of their songs from their album "Death Cannot Separate" played on national radio stations, they have done radio interviews, played at the All State 400 (NASCAR) and other festivals and events.

This summer 7 Days Away collides with "Alley Kat Records" to express to the world their masterpiece. They will be heading back into the studio in late june to record their 3rd album "Stigmata" that they will be releasing this year. The band also plans to go on tour this summer…

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Top Tracks

Take Me Away 1

Take Me Away

The Calling 2

The Calling

My Time 3

My Time

From This Fall 4

From This Fall

I Want You To Know 5

I Want You To Know

Final Cry 6

Final Cry

Just for the Night 7

Just for the Night

Only You 8

Only You

Promising Ways 9

Promising Ways

Forever Gone 10

Forever Gone

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7 Days Away
7 Days Away
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